kay prince

» Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in CONTESTANTS | 8 comments

kay prince
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I live an amazing life and I deserve to win because…I’m an interesting, talented and cool guy who loves to explore and live life. I love adventure, music and love to see the world.


  1. peeps i hope u vote for me…tanx

  2. dude u are one of the few real talent in the world….go and bring dis money home!

  3. kay prince baba we’ve gat ur back bro…..Ray

  4. Gentle man i know you will win bcos u are gifted and nice. Am a huge fan u knw.

  5. u’ve gat my vote bro

    • ladies man

  6. pls visit this site and votefor me by clicking *vote*


  7. kay prince i don vote ooooooo…lol


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