Every innovation that rocked the world began with a simple, but bold idea.
Today and tomorrow, the big ideas of the future will be the daring ones
So, do you have guts? Think you have the right vibe? Got some serious swag about you?
If you can you play Watson to our Sherlock then step up and earn bragging rights with Crew Xcite!
We are a crew on the mission to harness ideas
Fearlessly authentic, radically different and originally refreshing ideas
Ideas of all shapes and sizes
Ideas that spite convention, scoff at old rules and redefine the standards
So, can you define the possibilities of tomorrow?
And transform Africa’s Media and Entertainment experience through the power of thought?
It is time to shine and make your wildest dreams come true.
Step up and seize the chance of a lifetime.
Join us if you dare!


  1. Watched someone win 64m off Mtn n I think it’s about time I start winning too ‘wink’….

    • That I lose once doesn’t mean I will lose again….***tight it up***

  2. Watched someone win 64m off Mtn and I think it’s about time I start winning ‘wink’….Plus I’m fun n love Linda ikeji so dear friends vote for me thanks

  3. hey guys!… im new here.. and i think i love it here! hehe…

  4. I’m not from around here but I’m here to stay!!!!! MIGRATION

  5. Hey guys am new, and Am seriously inlove with modeling, it has always been ma dreams

  6. …please!
    tell he who is yet to know about this site, that he’s still sleepin on a bicycle…..wooo! i’m lovin it here!

  7. Hellow peepz. Am amina nd m in2 presentin!!!

  8. Holla Ebony lifeXCITE. iam_Amina, am no beauty nd m nt ms perfect. M jes beautiful me nd i wanna b gud @wat i do. M in2 presenting(on air or tv) nd i like music, its nt like am a professional though and av nt done any real presentation b4 buh will love 2soon. My wordings may nt b perfect buh rememba do nt judge a book by its COVER!!! Hoping 2get randomly picked


  10. Lets gooooo deree. Dinoflex say so, xcite Noni, gbabe joorr.

  11. to be a part of all these is like taking a bold and sure step and am already 5 steps into it…..kp it real!

  12. Hollaa m Rene aka kafy. M 28, recently moved back from London after 16yrs. I studied law and I have worked for ben tv casually. I have never done any presenting but I have always dreamed of being a tv or radio personality. I love to talk, meet new people and I also love learning new things. I am very playful but can also be shy attimes. Am very loveable but I can also be extremely annoying. I am very honest and loyal too.
    I hope you give me an opportunity as it’ll mean the world to me and my family. This is my passion and I will be very grateful if given the opportunity.
    I also learn very quickly. Pick me and I’ll make you proud. I have a story to tell…..

  13. Hello peeps…make he for no lose….I dey holla una o. Abeg make he for no cause quarrel Abeg holla back….smiles

  14. Female and Doctor,Takes life as it goes but enjoys the moment. Interests – Loves Life, my Family and Patients , Loves The Scalpel. And Of course,Love You. Why,Not? I deserve to win because you my friend are doing all to make it so. And for that, I am so grateful . Thank you

  15. Oya let’s go there!!! We go rock this Nation…. Miekay is Here to give you no pain, and help you attain entertainment success and gain, and what’s the name? Yeah, its Miekay…. Xcite noni

  16. WotItDo Xcite peeps! i’m feeling the vibe of what you guys are about here. i would so love to be part of it! i can do it all from modelling, presenting to acting. i am what you need. i’m the one you are looking for *wink*

  17. I AM JUMOBY – |Published Author (MONEY & YOU) |Skilled Orator |Seasoned Actor |Savvy Presenter |SongWriter/Singer |Social-Media Freak |Entrepreneur B-) I am special – I am beautiful – I am wonderful and powerful- Unstoppable
    Sometimes I’m miserable – Sometimes I’m pitiful – But that’s so typical of all the things I am.
    I’m someone filled with self-belief – I’m haunted by self-doubt – I’ve got all the answers – I’ve got nothing figured out – I like to be by myself – I hate to be alone – I’m up and I’m down – I’m black and I’m white – But that’s part of the thrill – Part of the plan – Part of all of the things I AM. Over All: I AM EBONYLIFE TV PERSONALITY. I RULE. Will You Vote or Not?

  18. please vote for me. thanks for your support

  19. Hiya!

    Tpfleen is the name, a thespian by training. iWrite, iAct, iDirect, iPresent, iCompere. My vocal production is more euphonous than a serenade by any Mariachi band.
    My most important rule is ‘Flow Like Everyone Ever Never’. Simply put, ‘be creative, break the rules!’


  20. Holla! Shout out to ExciteAfrica!!! What can i say, am loving it here, it’s FrankDupree |Rapper|SongWrter|ComputerGuru|Biotechnologist|Entrepreneur|..Talk is cheap, am ready for buisness, am so lookin forward to working with ExciteAfrica and the good folks here, please Holla at ur hommie if you would love to partner with me!! Peace!!!


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