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multi tanlented blogger and model


  1. he’s my brother and he must win o

  2. we’ll win this boss

  3. you are mouthed akpos brother

  4. Bros we dey ur back

  5. Goodluck

  6. I’m addicted to game as well as ur blog. i luv the amazing work you do there so i’ve decided to vote for you. I really hope you can share the success story of how you’ll win this because i know your fans on twitter will throw everybody off their feet. Goodluck

  7. i hope you win

  8. Pls bring home all the prizes

  9. My leader i remain loyal Sir, I’ve voted o

  10. :* win for me boo

  11. after all the stress i took to register you better win o

  12. Win and make us proud

  13. Win this and I’ll make you that free beat you asked. I mean the car oh, anything short will not be accepted o

  14. no coments oh, only win is what i pray

  15. to register no easy sha. abeg win oh, me i no fit hustle for this kind thing abeg eh too stress ful

  16. Frankie, hustler

  17. chairmo i dey always believe u

    • na so ni

  18. tnx for your patronage

    • me nko

  19. Done Boss

  20. Bless Jenny say so

  21. U are truely carried

  22. big ups

  23. dats my boss

  24. you’re doing good baby

  25. Oniovo we must win this oh< see mad love here for you bro

  26. I see you winning becuase the pple here seem to like you most. short bio and it’s making alot of sense. i like pple who keep it short and simple not pple who read encylopedias just to gain votes. thumbs up bro and by the way i luv reading the updates on ur blog and you are doing soo well for yourself. Bless

  27. we wanna work with you email: if you’re interested

  28. Brotherly you’re doing well

  29. franksdonald eh eh, you have start o

  30. you can still do it


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