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I live an amazing life and I deserve to win because… I
have dared to take the bold step to hit the big screens . I believe i possess all it takes to win because i am talented ,funny , smart , creative , entertaining and handsome with a great sense. I ’ m passionate about the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and I ’ m making a relentless effort to having a creative impact on the industry and on the continent , Africa . Please vote for me.


  1. Africa please vote for me

  2. Big shoutout to my family, friends and everyone of you that took your precious time to vote for me, thanks a million… keep voting and keep the flag waving. love you all !!!

  3. u guys should stop bluffing nd tell ur brodas or whosoever is contestin wid dinoflex dats ma uncle should step aside cuz d post belongs to dinoflex nd dats final

  4. Yo dinoflex, nice bio, nice spirit, nice every every *wink*. *clears throat* as you know everyone is a winner here, just get upto a 100+ votes to qualify for some awesome prizes. So it won’t hurt if you kindly vote your boi…. *wide smile* as for the grand prize, you sure are getting it!!!!

    P.S- I just voted you

  5. Nice one bro, a million thanks to uuu, relax uu getting my vote soon. keep d flag waving!!!

  6. hello bro, is ur boi mojeed, we are happy to vote for you, because you are the winner


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